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In which, I run in the rain but it’s not too hot…

In which, I run in the rain but it’s not too hot…

Full disclosure: I failed to do any cross training on Monday as planned. I was going to ride bike in the evening, but the Florida evening rain had other ideas. I know that I could have done something else, but I wimped out.

As I headed out Tuesday evening to get the planned run done, the weather was gloomy and threatening. I had no sooner started tracking my run with the house extremely close, and dry, when big fat rain drops began pounding the pavement.

I should also point out something that I forgot to mention in the last post about what is slightly different with this training plan. I am running without headphones or music. I have always tried to distract myself from the discomfort of running with motivating music. At the very least, I could interval run/walk with every other song. I have now taken to praying in the beginning of my run, counting out strides and trying to correlate count with pace in the middle, and thinking of all that I need to do toward the end.

The rain stayed consistent but never came down so hard that I was uncomfortable. If given the choice between blazing heat and pouring rain, I’ll take the rain.

I tried to pickup the pace and run longer without stopping. When I eventually stopped to walk, I began run/walk intervals at every streetlight with the run being at a much faster pace than I was maintaining earlier. It was hard but I felt great.

Have you signed up for the OUC Half Marathon yet? Do you have a race or challenge in mind? What are you waiting for? Comment below and we can help each other.

3.15 mi

Next run is scheduled for Thursday. It will be tough as I am traveling to Texas and have an evening event. Stay tuned.