Terrain Mapping

I am increasingly aware of every incline, decline, false flat and terrain change in the surrounding area where I run.  I am well aware that if I start and stop from the same spot that I will have an equal amount of decline and incline during the run.  That doesn’t stop me from considering the terrain before I depart and thinking about where and when I will hit the hills out on the course.

It has been a while since I last wrote.  You may think that my training ended and I just stopped updating.  Not true.  I have been busy with work and dealing with a daughter away at college and a son starting to drive.  And I have been busy running.  I am on the plan to run OUC Orlando Half Marathon in early December.

Since August 20 and my last post, I have run 20 times and more than 60 miles.  There have been runs in North Carolina to the Florida Keys.  I have run while on work trips and long weekends.  The consistency of making time for my program in my regular week offers challenges and a sense of accomplishment throughout the week.  Getting out early in the morning, especially on Saturdays, offers a chance to commune with nature and hear birds, wind in the trees, running water and rain hitting the leaves before it hits me.  I can see the beautiful sky, clouds, creeks, nice homes, sun shining and a variety of trees and animals.

I have also obsessed over researching for a new pair of running shoes as my old pair have deteriorated.  I will update on my process and results in a separate post soon.

Today was my first 5 mile run of not only the program but my life.

5.00 mi
12′ 52″ / mi

It actually felt better than last Saturday’s 4 mile run.  Maybe the new shoes were a part of that.  Update me on what you have been up to lately.  Are you running, biking, walking, yoga, meditating, or anything new? If not, why not?


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