On the Road, Again

Tuesday started in Charleston and ended in Charlotte. I didn’t get the run for the day completed in the morning when I had hoped to due an over zealous use of the snooze button and things that had to be done.

Sometime while working all day but before beginning my three hour drive to Charlotte, I became aware that my nephew, Liam, had challenged me to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As this was done on Facebook, I didn’t see it until about 21 hours into the 24 allotted. By the time I arrived in Charlotte the 24 hours had passed and it was time to run.

I changed and headed out of the hotel in near total darkness looking for a path that was lot well enough for me to follow. I resigned myself to running loops as if I were on a track. One length was uphill while the other was down. As soon as I began running I was ready to quit. I wasn’t feeling it. By the mile and a half mark, I had the near constant sensation that I was going to vomit. I powered through and did not set any pace records, but got it done.

3.13 mi
14′ 19″ / mi

After returning to the hotel, I made numerous treks to the ice machine to fill my tub with ice cold water. I filled a bucket and proceeded to record video thanking Liam and dumping the bucket over my head, plunging myself into the tub and challenged Ralph Peña, Mike Padron and Sam Kimbrel.

I tried to post that video on Facebook but was unable to after many attempts last night but it just went up moments ago.

Do something!


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