In which, I can’t decide if 5am is late night or early morning…

Saturday! I have a full day ahead with AdvoCare National Success School well underway and plans to race from Dallas to Frisco for tonight’s FC Dallas game against the Colorado Rapids. Have I told you how much I love soccer and the MLS? Pay attention.

So with a busy day ahead, I was up putting my run gear on before 5a. I considered taking a different route than Thursday, but being it was very dark out and that way seemed well lit and provided opportunities to see the stadiums at night, I went the way that I knew. I may have made it a little longer as I went through a park and got closet to Cowboy Stadium to see all the lights going off from the stage setup inside and to take more pictures.

The night sky was beautiful and clear allowing stars and a near full moon to shine. The temperature was comfortable and there was a blessed breeze. Other than a quick photo or a redlight, I didn’t stop. This made the run unique as I have never run for three miles at any pace without stopping. It hurt and my mind and body negotiated many times over what was happening and what should be done, but I ran on.

3.19 mi
14′ 37″ / mi

I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment as I overcome the difficulties and potential excuses to continue on with my plan to train toward this half marathon. In the words of James Brown “I Feel Good!”

I had a great day and drank my body weight in water and then enjoyed the evening while FC Dallas completed the day with a win.

I head back home tomorrow to my family that I miss so much. I will never say that Florida is too hot again after these few days in Texas.

Do you have a plan to reach your goals yet? Do you have goals?



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