In which, I discover Texas is freaking hot…

So Thursday is a run day, but I also had to work and travel and had an evening event. I couldn’t run early because I was up and on the road before 5am. This meant my best opportunity was a lunchtime run in 95 degree heat.

I would normally work to avoid running in the hottest part of the day. Little did I know, I had avoided that. I would later find out upon leaving to go to my evening event that the afternoon high was 105.

I didn’t set any pace or distance records as I ran from my hotel and passed the Ballpark at Arlington toward Cowboys Stadium. I am not being paid to use their official, sponsored names. I ran away from my hotel to a mile and a half secretly hoping that someone would pull along with an air conditioned vehicle and rescue me with a lecture on the stupidity of midday running in August in Texas.

I reached the home of the Dallas Cowboys and even though I had the same distance back to the hotel as I had just ran, it seemed much further. I stopped a few times to take pictures and to question my life but trudged onward.

As I said, the run/walk did not set any pace records but it was completed and my plan remains intact as I work toward December’s half marathon. Anyone have a name for that distance yet? I’ll have to come up with one.

Get up and go!

3.42 mi
15′ 35″ / mi

See you Saturday!


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